Gaelic Place Names

A simple Guide to Gaelic place-names in and around the Skye and Lochalsh areas

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Scottish Gaelic Place Names - please see here for a proper database of Gaelic Place-Names if you cant find what you need below ...  
Note there are no accents (example mor meaning big, should actually be written m`or with the accent over the o)  
Dwelly's Gaelic Dictionary can be found here  

Scottish Gaelic Words (pronounced Gaah-lick)
Only Irish Gaelic is pronounced " Gay-lick"

Pronunciation English Meaning
an ann the
an ann of the
a' a the
Abhainn av-in river
Allt all-t stream
Aonach ou-nach ridge/hill or marketplace
Baile baal town
Beag bay-k little
Bealach b-yal-ach mountain pass
Beinn/Ben bay-n/ben mountain/hill
Ban/Bhan ban/van white/fair
Bidean beet-yan peak
Brae bray top/summit
Buidhe boo-ya yellow
Bun bun foot
Cairn kayr-n pile of stones
Caol kyle narrow strait
Ciche keesh-ta breast
Cill kil church
Corrie/Choire korry bowlshaped
Creag kray-k rocky/cliff
Dearg jer-ak red
Druim droo-um ridge
Drochaid droch-it bridge
Dubh doo black
Eagach ay-kack notched
Eas ay-s waterfall
Eilean ayl-ay-n island
Fada fata long
Garbh garv rough
Glais glis stream
Glas glas grey/green
Inbhir inver confluence
Labhar fa-var loud
Lagan la-gan hollow
Lairig lar-ig pass
Leathan lay-than broad
Loch loch lake
Lochan/Lochain loch-an small lake
Mam mam round hill
Meadhoin vain middle
Meall me-yal hill/lump
Mor more big
Mullach mull-ach summit
Oban oh-ban little bay
Odhar oh-er dappled
Sgurr/Sgorr skoor peak
Sron srawn point
Strath/Srath strath broad valley
Stob stop peak
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